Match Attax Swaps Countries

We welcome members worldwide! Whilst most of our members are in the UK, members are welcome from any country. You can choose to swap only with other members from your own country, or from anywhere around the world too. We offer FREE membership to the first 10 people from any country, so if there aren't many people swapping in your area yet, why not get some friends together and get started! Payments can be made securely in any currency, via Paypal.

Below are the number of Match Attax card swaps currently offered & wanted in all countries:

Swap Match Attax Cards worldwide UK 60,913 wanted
UK 31,119 offered
Irish Republic 5,882 wanted
Irish Republic 2,016 offered
Australia 494 wanted
USA 201 wanted
New Zealand 149 offered
USA 141 offered
New Zealand 3 wanted